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Tutoring Services

Image of adult and child's hands while studying.

Imagine 'that' offers a range of tutoring services to support you in your learning needs.

Tutoring is provided to fit in with term times, and is suitable for children in key stages 1-3.

Tutoring can also be provided for older students or adults, who feel they need support with their literacy, numeracy or dyslexia. I am based in Market Drayton, North Shropshire, or I can arrange sessions over zoom for those further afield.

Literacy Support

Is reading a struggle, or very tiring? What about recalling, or understanding what has been read?

Is writing, spelling or handwriting a cause for concern? 


Imagine 'that' tutoring sessions are tailored  to your needs and goals. They support the acquisition of literacy skills using your innate learning strengths. Approaching literacy in a visual and hands-on way, learning is gentle, interactive and fun.

Numeracy Support

Do you lack confidence with numbers and maths? Do you feel you have gaps in your understanding? Or do you struggle with a particular maths topic?

Whether your goal is mastering key skills in arithmetic, growing in general mathematical confidence, or tackling a specific tricky maths topic, Imagine 'that' can help. Offering tailored sessions using a highly visual and practical approach to support effective learning, you will soon be mastering skills and growing in confidence.

Dyslexia Support

If you have concerns around dyslexia, or have a diagnosis, Imagine 'that' will provide the support you are looking for.

Offering visual, interactive approaches which harness the learning strengths of dyslexic thinkers, these tutoring sessions will support your natural way of thinking, and help you to regain confidence and independence in your learning.

The Davis® programmes and Imagine 'that' tutoring services are separate and distinct programmes which are provided in their own distinct contexts, on separate schedules, and with separate fees.

"Pauline is a gifted teacher with oodles of patience and a knack of teaching in a way that the child ‘gets it’. 

I heard once, you have to talk to someone’s listening i.e the way they learn and take things in.  Pauline does this with ease, dealing with each child’s learning style and capability in a way where they feel empowered and enthused and wanting to learn more."

 (E.L. - parent)

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